Living The Love Of Jesus

Living The Love Of Jesus
   On this Mother’s Day weekend, my heart and mind are drawn to one of the most amazing and loving women I have ever known: my mother. By her extraordinary expressions of love, she helped open my heart, as well as the hearts of many others, to the love of Jesus Christ.
   One of her favorite hymns was “Love divine, all loves excelling, Joy of heaven to earth come down; Fix in us Thy humble dwelling; All Thy faithful mercies crown! Jesus, Thou art all compassion, Pure, unbounded love Thou art; Visit us with Thy salvation, Enter every trembling heart” (lyrics by Charles Wesley).
   Mom opened her heart to that great love that excels all other love. She then humbly tried as best she could to live that “Love Divine.” Some of my first and deepest experiences of the love of Jesus Christ came through my mother’s daily life of labor and service to her family and to others.
   Even when overwhelmed with raising five children and helping run a business with my father, my mother would always take time to listen to any one of us children, as well as anyone else who needed a caring heart and an empathetic ear. Such actions by my mom taught me that Jesus is like that. Jesus is always willing to take time to listen and to help us get on and stay on the right path.
   As we grew older, my mom never tried to force us into making a certain decision. Oh, she did try to make sure we were looking at all sides of an issue, and, I know, she prayed continually that her children would choose the correct path.
   Isn’t that what our loving God does for us? He listens to us, sends helpers along our path, and offers redemption to us through his Son, Jesus Christ. But our loving God leaves it to us to choose God’s Way, Truth, Life, and Love—or to stubbornly choose our own way.
   When I made dumb choices in my life, my mom would be there “when I came to my senses” and welcome me back to the right path. God does the same thing for us. If we are willing when we stumble or fall to turn back to the light and redeeming love of his Son, Jesus, God is there to welcome us Home.
   On this Mother’s Day weekend, may we take time to say, “Thank You” to all the loving women in our lives who show us glimpses of God’s “Love Divine.” And may we resolve to walk more fully in the Footsteps of Jesus, humbly sharing that gift of God’s love with others through the lives we live.
   “Thank You” again to all the women who choose to live the love of Jesus! You make this often hurting and confusing world a little more like heaven! God bless and strengthen each one of you.
-Pastor Bob Wallace, Retired United Methodist Pastor