2023 Assembly Notes

 Outgoing president Mrs. Phyllis Girven welcomed members and guests to the 77th Annual Assembly of the United Churches of Lycoming County on November 16, 2023. After thanking the host facility staff at Pine Run Bible Church in Linden, she then highlighted the various ministry arms of the organization. She remarked that her role as president has developed through Zoom meetings during COVID into a vibrant experience with monthly face-to-face meetings and work sessions.
   Guest speaker Robert Castellano from the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) was introduced by Executive Director Tammey Edkin. His topic was “My Brother’s Keeper,” which dealt with aspects of suicide prevention.
   The 2023 Board of Directors was approved, as was the budget and by-law revisions. An outline agenda for ongoing projects as well as newly presented plans for the greater Lycoming community were discussed and approved.
   Reports were given from the various ministries, including Rise Up Village Bakery, United Churches of Lycoming County Food Pantry, Church Women United of Lycoming County, Shepherd of the Streets, United Campus Ministry, and Institutional Ministries (including both prison services as well as weekly services at various nursing homes and hospitals), and results from the 12th Annual Golf Tournament.
   The 2023 Ecumenical Service Award was presented to Mrs. Julie Bittner (pictured), Chairperson of United Campus Ministry. Executive Director Edkin remarked that the recipient has repeatedly given her time and efforts to not only the youth in our community, but adults at Pennsylvania College of Technology. She volunteered and served with Relay for Life, library book sales, and ministry to nursing homes and three congregations throughout the year, including her home church of St. John-Newberry United Methodist Church. Edkin added that Bittner truly exemplifies the words of Jesus, “What you did for the least of these, you did for me.”
   Rev. Lauri Kerr, West Branch Missioner for the Episcopal Church, closed the assembly with a benediction. The 78th Annual Assembly will be held on November 21, 2024.
Tammey L. Edkin

United Churches of Lycoming County

Executive Director


UCLC Board Meetings & Dates

2024 Important Dates:
  • January 1st:  Offices Closed
  • January 4th:  United Churches of Lycoming County’s Birthday (1946)
  • January 15th:  Offices Closed
  • January 15th-20th:  Dream Week (see our Facebook and Website for Events and Opportunities)
  • January 18th-25th:  Week of Prayer for Christian Unity (Daily Devotions will be emailed out)
  • January 18th:  UCLC Board Meeting, 10:00 a.m.
  • February 15th:  UCLC Board Meeting, 10:00 a.m.
  • February 19th:  Offices Closed
  • February 23rd:  Soup Orders Due for United Campus Ministry
  • March 2nd:  World Day of Prayer (Trinity Episcopal Church, 10:00 a.m.)
  • March 13th and 14th:  Raise the Region
  • March 21st:  UCLC Board Meeting, 10:00 a.m.
  • March 29th:  Offices Closed
  • March 29th:  Ecumenical Good Friday Service (Redeemer Lutheran Church, 12:00 p.m.)
  • April 9th:  Sight and Sound Bus Trip to see “Daniel”
  • April 18th:  UCLC Board Meeting, 10:00 a.m.
  • April 21st-27th:  National Volunteer Appreciation Week
  • May 3rd:  May Friendship Day
  • May 16th:  UCLC Board Meeting, 10:00 a.m.
  • May 27th:  Offices Closed
  • June 19th:  Offices Closed
  • July 4th:  Offices Closed
  • August 6th:  Remembrance Day
  • September 2nd:  Offices Closed
  • September 19th:  UCLC Board Meeting, 10:00 a.m.
  • September 27th:  UCLC Golf Tournament (White Deer Golf Course)
  • October 13th:  CROP Walk
  • October 14th:  Offices Closed
  • October 17th:  UCLC Board Meeting, 10:00 a.m.
  • November 2nd:  World Community Day
  • November 11th:  Offices Closed
  • November 21st:  Annual Assembly (in place of morning Board Meeting!)
  • November 23rd:  Victorian Christmas Soup Sale (benefits United Campus Ministry)
  • November 28th:  Offices Closed
  • December 3rd:  Giving Tuesday
  • December 19th:  UCLC Board Meeting, 10:00 a.m.
  • December 25th:  Offices Closed

UCLC Board Members



Term Ends 2024:

Fulfilling a one year term…

Mrs. Cyndi Bennett, Member at Large (still waiting for a response) Mr. John Guild, Member at Large (new)
Mrs. Lisa McGinniss, Member at Large (new)
Pastor Carol Johnson, Member at Large (new)

Rev. Brad Walmer, 1st Vice President
Mrs. Linda Desmond, Food Pantry Chairperson
Ms. Susan Shuman, Institutional Ministries Chairperson
Mr. Terry Belles, Treasurer
Mrs. Julie Bittner, Campus Ministry Chairperson
Mrs. Yvonne Shenuski, 3rd Vice President (Annual Appointment)

Term Ends 2024:

Fulfilling a three year term…

Pastor Kathy Burkhart, Member at Large
Ms. Tiffany Haller, Member at Large
Pastor Bryce Grieco, Member at Large
Ms. Evelyn Simmons, Member at Large
Mr. Richard DeMarte, 2nd Vice President (new)
Rev. Kyle Murphy, Christian Social Concerns Chairperson
Rev. Jeff LeCrone, Interfaith Dialogue Commission Chairperson
Ms. Yvonne Shenuski, Shepherd of the Streets Chairperson (Annual Appointment) Mrs. Joan Schell, Newspaper Ministries (Annual Appointment)

Term Ends 2025:

Fulfilling a three year term…

Rev. Lenore Hosier, Member at Large
Mrs. Vicki Haussmann, Member at Large
Rev. Velinda Smith, Member at Large
Mrs. Doreen Mileto, Member at Large
Rev. Lauri Kerr, President (new)
Pastor Carrie Wood, Ecumenism, Evangelism, Education Chairperson Mrs. Alyssa Maneval, Media Ministry
Mrs. Sally Grieco, Personnel Committee Chairperson (new)
Open, Nominating Committee

The Executive Board, Finance Committee Board Committees, Fundraising