United Campus Ministry Student Organization at the Pennsylvania College of Technology is a student led group that seeks to provide opportunities to the members of the college community for: Christian fellowship, pastoral care, spiritual growth, faith discussion and volunteer service. We work to build ecumenical partnerships between local congregations and students.

Our link to the campus and the United Campus Ministry Student Organization is Ms. Shelley Litz, who encourages the students to continue their faith journey during their college years.


Monday evening bible studies bring in an area pastor to lead the study. Wednesday mornings students meet Shelley outside the cafeteria to host a Jesus and Java table where many students and staff stop by for a cup of coffee, morning munchie, and devotional card to help them get through the rest of the week, along with an encouraging word. There are also opportunities for regular mission projects, retreats and other activities.

How can you help?

One of the rules in ministry is that if you feed them they will come. That is certainly true on campus. During the spring and fall semesters we use lots of:

  • Individually wrapped snacks
  • Coffee and insulated cups with lids
  • Bottles of water and juice
  • Cakes and cookies and goodies for snacking
  • Bags of goodies to be given to students studying for finals each semester
  • Prayers for the students and staff

United Campus Ministry Soup Sale