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Saying Goodbye to Gwen and Hello to Tammey

Transitions, when they are good, are a mixture of joy and sadness. So it is in the final weeks of my ministry here at United Churches. I will miss the day to day interactions with so many of you, including my staff, as we do such wonderful work together. I am also saddened that because of COVID when our county is at an extremely high risk for passing on the virus, that I am unable to tell you these things in person. My other sadness is that I can no longer postpone cleaning my things out of the office, along with some of the things that need to go that have been there longer than I have! Prayers please!

However the joys are much more profound! My journey with you began January 1, 1991 when I followed Dr. Alton Motter who became a beloved friend and mentor. I, and therefore we, benefitted from his years of ecumenical experience, for he was part of the beginning of the ecumenical movement in the United States. My prayer is that I facilitate this transition in his consummate style!

I am delighted that United Churches is in a good place as we celebrate 75 years of ministry. We have a wonderful history, good ministries meeting needs in our community, and great staff, board members and all of you who are addressing the changes we all face, and what we can do together to share Christ’s love in the world. I look forward to volunteering with all of you in the weeks/months/years to come.

Pastor Tammey AichnerOne of the challenges of this time is being willing to participate in yet another virtual meeting, service or tool to be part of the ecumenical fabric of our county. To get to know each other, build trusting relationships and work […]


We are making 2021 a special year of prayer involving all congregations and people in the county.

The heart of United Churches is our life and work together. Through our life together we have built many relationships and look forward to building many more. We will celebrate with a daily prayer calendar. The calendar for the first ten days is below.  Currently please pray for:

  • Wednesday 2/3 – The Beacon Church, 146 S. Main St, Hughesville, Pastor Doug Mellott, Pray for strength during a time of great divide in our country and the United Methodist Denomination. Pray that The Beacon Church is one of the beacons of light in our community and world letting people know that God is present indeed.❦
  • Thursday 2/4 – United Methodist District Office, 2420 Nottingham Rd., Wmspt. Rev. Paul Amara – Pray for all the pastors in the Williamsport District. They also ask for prayers for healing for all those in the district who have contracted the virus.❦
  • Friday 2/5- New Life Wake Up Ministries Inc., Rev. Velinda Smith – Pray that they hear God’s plans for them as they meditate on their destiny as children created for the harvest and moving toward victory. ❦
  • Saturday 2/6 – Faith Based Mental Health Support Groups, Wmspt. Area – Pray for those struggling with mental illness that area churches will walk with them on their journey, opening up their doors and hearts to welcome them into their lives, their families and their congregations.❦
  • Sunday 2/7 – Authorized Lay Worship Leaders – Pray for the lay leaders leading worship each week in congregations throughout the Upper Susquehanna Synod, and for the congregations served, that all may share the good news of Jesus Christ at every opportunity.❦
  • Monday 2/8 – The New Love Center Staff, Jersey Shore, Rev. Kerry Aucker, Pray for those who constantly work to address the hunger needs of food insecurity here in the western part of Lycoming County.❦
  • Tuesday 2/9 – Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church, 120 S. Main […]
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