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They Showed Us Unusual Kindness

Congregations throughout Lycoming County join in prayer with others worldwide to share the prayer of Jesus “that all may be one … that the world may believe.” John 17:21 (NRSV).

This year the theme scripture is Acts 27:18-28-10. This was chosen by the Christian churches in Malta and Gozo.  February 10 for many Christians in Malta is when they celebrate the Feast of the Shipwreck of St. Paul, marking and giving thanks for the arrival of Christian faith on the island.

The story begins with Paul being taken to Rome as a prisoner, in chains, and continues as the journey by boat turns perilous. It is a classic story of people confronted by the terrifying power of the elements. All 276 people are lost and without hope until Paul encourages them to hold on one more day, because each person matters to God.

They arrive together “on some island” and the islanders welcome every one of them, providing them with unusual kindnesses! Each received warmth, food, shelter, and care! Each survivor gave graciously and generously of whatever talents and skills they possessed. Not one was indifferent to the other.

How much better our world would be if we were to treat each other with unusual kindness, with gracious hospitality, forgiveness, mercy, grace and unfailing love.  Through unusually kindness the divided people on that ship were drawn closer together.

  • Might it be that through unusual kindness divided families could be drawn closer together?
  • Might it be that through unusual kindness divided communities could be drawn closer together?
  • Might it be that through unusual kindness divided countries could be drawn closer together?
  • Might it be that through unusual kindness Congregations might see each other as brothers and sisters and be drawn closer together?
  • Might it be that by embracing unusual kindness we will get to know people of traditions and cultures that we had not known before and cast away some of our disparaging views.

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It’s A Good Time To Get Some Soup!

Soup Sale for United Campus Ministry will be running through mid March.
The donation: $7.00 per quart
All soup freshly homemade then frozen.


Beef and Barley
Chicken Corn Chowder
Chicken and Wild Rice
Ham and Bean
Hot Sausage and Shrimp Gumbo
Italian Wedding
Potato with Chicken and Rivels
Spinach, Sausage and Tomato Tortellini
Vegetable Beef Soup

Orders must be prepaid.

Click here for the order form  Soup Sale for United Campus Ministry Form 2020

Orders are needed by March 1st.
Quantities are limited, first ordered, first served.

Delivery will be between March 18th – 31st.  Tammey will contact you to arrange pick up or delivery. Soup will be delivered frozen.
All proceeds go toward our United Churches of Lycoming County United Campus Ministry.