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Welcome To United Churches of Lycoming County

Moving ahead with 71 years of fellowship in Christ and
service to the county.

The United Churches of Lycoming County (UCLC) is the leading organization in north central Pennsylvania in the movement for Christian unity. Begun in 1946, it now has 183 member churches in Lycoming County representing Protestant, Anglican, Roman Catholic and Orthodox faith traditions.

Through UCLC, congregations partner with each other to:

  • Promote greater cooperation, understanding and appreciation between the churches of Lycoming County,
  • To foster Christian efforts of community betterment,
  • To advance the Kingdom of God here and throughout the world through evangelism, study, fellowship and action.

Welcome to this exciting community!

Founded in 1946, the United Churches consists of those Christian congregations of Lycoming County who:

  • Desire to witness to their oneness in Christ as "Divine Lord and Savior".
  • Are motivated by the Spirit of Christ to find more effective ways of working together,
  • Agree to contribute annually on a proportionate basis toward the financing of the ministries the churches achieve together.

Membership in United Churches

  • Congregations become members in UCLC by subscribing to the Preamble and the Statement of Mission of the United Churches Constitution. They are approved for membership by the Board of Directors and share in the activities and financial support of this ministry.
  • Individual supporters of UCLC are always sought. Anyone in agreement with the mission of this ministry is welcome to get involved.