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Hello from Tammey

As I walked into the office on March 1st, I took one look at the empty desk and was flooded with emotions. Sadness…that my mentor was not sitting behind it. Surprise…that I could see it. And excitement…of what God has in UCLC’s future!

Gwen has taught me so much over the last 10 years. Some of the things I had hoped never to have to learn, like Word Perfect. Yes, someone does still Pastor Tammey Aichneruse it! Others I thought I knew well enough, like love, until I met and interacted with her and saw what it really looked like at street level. Gwen has a way of making each person feel like they are the only person important to her in that moment. In her interactions, it is never about herself, but always about lifting and supporting the other. I am grateful to have had the chance to learn from her! I am blessed to have felt that love and support!

As I sit at this desk, I am reminded that it is the only part of the position that is “mine”. Everything about United Churches of Lycoming County is just that, about United Churches of Lycoming County! We move forward together. We will be able to build on a solid foundation and add the next level. What do you see in UCLC’s future? Where are the gaps we can stand in? What is it that makes UCLC hold a special place in your heart? And how can you come alongside us to use your gifts and talents so that, together, we step into what God has planned? There is not a single person that can do this alone! My friends, let’s get started! – Tammey


We are making 2021 a special year of prayer and celebration involving all congregations and people in the county.

The heart of United Churches is our life and work together. Through our life together we have built many relationships and look forward to building many more. We will celebrate with a daily prayer calendar.  Currently please pray for:

  • Monday, May 10th – St. Michael Lutheran Church, Quiggleville, 1877 St. Michael’s Road, Cogan Station, PA…Pray for our congregation that we may continue to love and serve God by loving and serving our community and our sister churches in Liberia. ✿
  • Tuesday, May 11th – Muncy Baptist Church, 9 West Penn Street, Muncy, PA…Pray for personal growth in our Women’s Group, as we resume our meetings on Tuesday mornings. Pray for a closer relationship with Jesus and enjoying conversations with sisters in Christ. ✿
  • Wednesday, May 12th – West End Christian Community Center, 901 Diamond Street, Williamsport, PA…Pray for our FOCUSED program and the children and families that the program benefits. Each Wednesday, WECCC packages 200 bags of food to be distributed at one of our area elementary schools, ensuring that no child in our county goes hungry. Pray for physical nourishment as well as spiritual nourishment. Pray that our volunteers receive the same! ✿
  • Thursday, May 13th – Ascension Day! As we gaze with wonder, let us not lose focus on the ministry that still needs to be done! ✿
  • Friday, May 14th – Daniel’s Closet, Redeemer Lutheran Church, 1101 Washington Blvd., Williamsport, PA…Pray for those without adequate clothing, that they are given what they need to live with dignity and that our communities most basic necessities are met through others sharing of their blessings. ✿
  • Saturday, May 15th – Pray for all of our missionaries, that God will help them to announce the Good News boldly and sustain their spirits as they help build the church. ✿
  • Sunday, May 16th – Pray for our community resources that help bring food to the table […]

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