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Longest Night Worship Service

Join us on Saturday, December 21st from 2-3 in the afternoon for a community Longest night worship service. We gather at Covenant Central Presbyterian Church, at West Fourth and Campbell Streets, (807 West Fourth Street, Williamsport.)

This service will be a time for each person present recognize that we all bring sorrow, pain and/or loneliness to the season. Come to share your burdens, sadness and fears. We gather to support one another and know that we are not alone. It was into a world of pain, hurt and confusion that God came in the form and nature of Jesus Christ and God’s everlasting presence is with us still.

Covenant Central Presbyterian Church is handicapped accessible from the parking lot entrance.

There will be a time of fellowship and refreshments following the service.   This is sponsored by the Ecumenical Community.

Ecumenism In Lycoming County

ecumenical symbolUnited Churches 73rd Annual Assembly was held Thursday, November 14th. at Christ Episcopal Church, 426 Mulberry Street, Williamsport.

It was another New Day to celebrate.  Our United Churches President, Lou Kolb celebrated his first Assembly as President! I celebrated by twenty-ninth as executive director, and United Churches it’s seventy-third!

Every day God gives us the gift of a new day. Life never stays the same. Sometimes we take it as a blessing and other times a threat. United Churches, at 73, has survived amid constant change, filled with both opportunities and dangers, just like you and me. A few years ago we spent time at the assembly tables beginning the visioning process. That vision has guided us over the last few years. This year we approved the constitution and bylaws that came out of that process.

This year one of the gifts of the new day has been the re-working of this website through a Penn College Capstone Program. With that gift came the challenge of sharing our visioning with a college student, then following it up with pictures and written material. Noah Kline was then able to help us do things we needed our website to do, and provide us with space to do things I didn’t know possible!

The continuing challenge of finding enough volunteers for nursing homes and prison worship and editorial writing always seems to diminish when I hear how much our presence means to those who come to worship or who read editorials and find renewed hope and strength in the words shared of God’s love. Not to mention the gift of grace received by each volunteer.

The transition of staff and of board members and of volunteers is an inevitable part of life, filled with lots of uncertainty on everyone’s part as well as a learning curve. Training and offers to come along and see how it works, are always a part of what we do at United Churches, and every person who comes in brings new ideas to […]