Weekly Bakery Note 6-12

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June 18th Pre-order Items:
BREADS: Wheat.   24oz. loaf   $5 each
Rye, Pumpernickel and Oatmeal.   24 oz. loaves.  $6 each.
WHITE ROLLS:  8 rolls for $5
COOKIES:  Chocolate Chip, Kitchen Sink, and Molasses  $5 per dozen.

Overflow Table:  We will have to stock this with extra cookies, especially chocolate chip cookies…there are never enough!  Breads and some carrot muffins as well.

Email your order to this link:  [email protected]
Please send your order by Saturday, June 15th.  You will receive a confirmation email.
Pick up time will be 12:30- 2:00 PM on Tuesday, June 18th, at New Covenant Church, 202 E. 3rd St., Williamsport.  Questions:  call Wendy at 570-419-9303.

An evening pick up time can be arranged if there is enough interest.  Let us know if this would work for you.  A minimum order of $20 would be requested.

Rise UP May 2024 Newsletter

Rise Up Village Bakery

May 2024 Newsletter
Greetings to our friends and supporters. Since our last newsletter at the end of 2023 many wonderful things have occurred at the Rise Up Village Bakery. Currently we have five trainees, with one of them assuming some leadership responsibilities. Two of our initial trainees “graduated” to make room for new participants. It was with reluctance and appreciation that we launched them into life’s next phase with part-time employment.

Our volunteer kitchen staff is led by Amy as the head cookie/muffin baker, and Larry as the breadman. They are assisted by Jake (who recently celebrated his 80th birthday) and Bob and Marty. The “front of the house” is managed by four women who oversee the packaging and sales of the baked goods. We do have a particular need for more experienced kitchen volunteers. Our key people are stretched as far as possible. To be able to offer more hours for the trainees we must increase the number of kitchen help. If you or someone you know loves to bake and wants to be a part of this ministry please contact us! ([email protected])

The bakery has been the recipient of significant monetary donations from PMF Industries and the West End Food Bank. From these generous gifts we have created an “office” onsite with the addition of a laptop, printer and filing cabinet. Shelves have been purchased for a storage closet, giving us more room for equipment and ingredients. The biggest acquisition is a bench top cookie cutter and equipment stand. We will be able to replace “scooping” of many of the cookies with this hand cranked machine. Recipes that are soft and sticky will no longer be the last chore anyone wants to face! The crew is anxious to begin using the kookie-king.

Recognizing that some potential customers cannot make a daytime pickup we plan to offer evening hours from 5-6PM one or two Tuesdays a month. Watch the weekly “menu offerings” for announcements regarding the dates this will be available.

As we grow we thank each of you who have supported us by purchasing our products, by your donations and by your prayers. When we began the Rise Up Village Bakery project two years ago we had no idea where it would lead us. What has evolved is a unique bond and commitment from our volunteers and our supporters. Lives are being changed through the personal connection we make with one another. May we continue to listen carefully and follow where He leads us.

Marty & Wendy McCormick

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June 4th Selections (pick up 12:30-2:00)

  • Rye pan bread (24 oz. loaf) 
  • Oatmeal pan bread (24 oz. loaf)
  • White Rolls  (3 oz. rolls, 8 per bag)
  • Blueberry Muffins with crumb topping (4 per package)
  • Oatmeal Raisin Cookies (one dozen per package)

Overflow Table:  We hope to offer cookies which have been made with our new Kookie-King cutter…sugar and chocolate chip!

Email your order to this link:  [email protected]

Please send your order by Saturday, June 1st.  You will receive a confirmation email.

Pick up will be 12:30- 2:00 PM on Tuesday, June 4th, at New Covenant Church, 202 East Third Street, Williamsport.  Questions:  call Wendy at 570-419-9303.