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We can sing….
Happy United Churches Sunday to us
Happy United Churches Sunday to us
What great ministry we do together!
Happy United Churches Sunday to Us!

Take time to realize that through United Churches we reach over 200,000 people every year thanks to our hard working staff and over 500 volunteers. These includes the work of our Shepherd of the Streets, Food Pantry, Fuel Bank, 816 Nursing Home and Prison Worship Services, the weekly editorial columns, daily devotions, ecumenical events – services – opportunities, campus ministry, collections for the hungry around the word, etc.

Do a new ecumenical thing this week – perhaps it’s attend an event – volunteer – donate items – call the devotion line …
Pray for your congregation and your pastor, then pray for the congregations in your neighborhood and their leadership.
Celebrate our ecumenical life every week of the year every way you can!