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Institutional Ministries

Providing Nursing Home and Prison Workshop Services is our largest ministry.  Clergy and laity within the county help us provide 574 services in 14 facilities.  We provide services in area Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Facilities, High-Rises and in the County Prison and Pre-Release Center. Through this ministry Worship is held throughout the year at each of these facilities, most on a weekly basis but some monthly.  A wide variety of Christian traditions are represented by our volunteers, and they bring the church into each facility, allowing residents the opportunity to worship with traditions they are familiar with, as well as to develop an appreciation for other traditions.

A Lycoming County Prison Chaplin is provided, on a volunteer basis, to our Lycoming County Prison.  This ministry has the following goals.  To facilitate, for all inmates, the opportunity to practice the religion of their choice.  To offer to any and all inmates willing to accept them, materials and guidance for the expansion of the inmates religious knowledge and practice.  To offer spiritual help to the families of inmates and staff.  To provide prison staff with religious ministrations as needed and desired.  To work with churches, religious half-way houses, inmate families, and others to help inmates prepare to return to the outside world. 

We encourage congregations to cooperate with Yokefellow Prison Ministry as they relate to inmates of the County Prison, Muncy State Correctional Institution and the Federal Prisons in Lewisburg and Allenwood through small group Bible study, and in after-care programs to help reassimilate persons into the community after they have served their sentence. For more information, call the Yokefellow center at (570) 326-6868