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Other Ministries

There are many ecumenical ministries that are part of
United Churches.

First, a definition of the word ecumenical might be helpful. The word ecumenical comes from two Greek Words, one meaning the whole inhabited earth and the other meaning house. Christians have used the word ecumenism to speak of Jesus' concerns for unity within our household of faith - Christianity. The goals of ecumenism are for Christians to learn to love each other as Christ loved us. United Churches ecumenical ministries promote a greater understanding and a greater appreciation of each other, and are the ways we work together to show the world visible forms of the unity we have in Christ.

Now let's look at the separate ecumenical ministries of United Churches.  The two ministries that are largest and have their own staff, our Shepherd of the Street Ministry and our United Churches Center City Food Pantry have separate pages .  The other ministries follow.

     Ecumenism and Evangelism

  •      Ecumenical Luncheons
  •      Pre- Lenten Celebration
  •      Week of Prayer For Christian Unity
  •      Church Women United
  •      Youth Task Force
  •      Community Ministeriums

     Christian Social Concerns

  •      Fuel Bank
  •      CROP Walks

     Educational Ministries

  •      Christian Education
  •      United Churches Newsletter
  •      Seminars - Family Life Task Force
  •      School Panel
  •      Information Source
  •      Newsletter
  •      Church Directory
  •      New Pastor Orientation
  •      Basic Life Skills

     Media Ministries

  •      Radio Show
  •      Daily Telephone Devotional
  •      Footsteps to Follow

     Institutional Ministry

  •      Prison Chaplain
  •      Yokefellow
  •      Nursing Home Worship