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Get Involved with United Churches

United Churches is your church extended in ministry, accomplishing together what no single church can do alone. Together the possibilities are only limited by God's vision and your willingness to be involved, supporting our ministry with your time, talent and treasure.

Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Worship leaders from area churches volunteer to provide a brief worship service in seven nursing homes in our county and in two area high-rise apartments for the elderly and disabled, as well as three services in the county prison each week.  They also provide one service each month in three assisted living centers.   Both clergy and active lay persons within area churches provide the leadership for these 648 services each year.
  • Broadcasters write and record a fifteen minute news show highlighting events and developments in the world of religion.  News releases are collected by the broadcaster and by the United Churches office from which each broadcaster chooses their own material and tapes the show which is broadcast over WRAK (1400 AM) on Sunday mornings at 9:15 A.M. Both laity and clergy participate in providing this service.
  • Shepherd of the Streets has the opportunity for both clergy and laity to volunteer. Opportunities for clergy to provide counseling as an associate shepherd. Opportunities for laity to serve as a receptionist or as an office volunteer. Opportunities for everyone to be a mentor or to provide transportation special skills as needed. Opportunities for everyone to provide items for personal hygiene kits.
  • The Food Pantry volunteers provide donations and staffing. Donations of non-perishable food items are always needed. Volunteers are needed to: stock shelves, make appointments for clients package food, provide office duties, provide janitorial duties, help with food deliveries. Click here for Food Pantry List.
  • There are several CROP Walks in our area each fall, usually the second Sunday in October. We have a large one located in Williamsport along the river walk in the downtown area, A smaller walk is held in Trout Run where walkers enjoy a rural location. You can help recruit walkers, walk in the CROP Walk, and sponsor others.  Information about CROP Walks can be found at Crop Walk is a way for people of all ages, races and faiths to walk in area CROP Walks.  As you get involved you stand in solidarity with those around the world who must walk for the minimal foods they obtain.  You obtain sponsors, earning money to feed many who are hungry around the world, and educating your sponsors about the issues and the fact that we all can do many things to make a difference.
  • Church World Service Blanket and Kit Collection. Blankets and "Gift of the Heart" School, Health, Sewing and Baby Kits are one of the ways Christians in the United States are able to reach out in times of disaster.  More information about the Church World Service projects, which can be sent throughout the year can be found on our resource page.  Information about Church World Service can be found at


 Worship and Education

  • Wednesday Noon Ecumenical Lunch Program - This is a great way to broaden your ecumenical connections.  If you are free for Lunch on Wednesdays during the school year this is the place to come.  You'll find great fellowship around the tables and there is always a thoughtful program designed to enrich your life.  Oh yes - there is also a great meal, and no reservations are needed.
  • Devotionalist are Needed to provide a three minute devotion each day for a week for our telephone devotional line.  This ministry can be done from your home phone.
  • Pastors write a sermon editorial for our weekly Footsteps to Follow column in the Williamsport Sun Gazette.
  • Ecumenical Worship Services - These are opportunities for Christians from around the county to worship our Lord together, to pray together and to get to know each other better. The speaker, liturgists and providers of music for this evening service are chosen to reflect the diversity of our county. Most recently they have been done before Lent or at Ascension on a county level.  Area Ministeriums provide opportunities at other times throughout the year (see below). 
  • Worship Services held by Ministeriums - This is an opportunity for Christians from around your neighborhood to worship our Lord together, to pray together and to get to know each other better.  There are many Ministeriums in our county (Link to resources page) who traditionally join together at Thanksgiving, Good Friday, for Lenten Services and other times during the year.
  • Dialogues - You can attend and/or be part of formal dialogues, as we strive to understand each other better. These are often held on the local and county levels during the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. They are also held on regional and national levels throughout the year and many denominations have an ecumenical officer or committee that works in these capacities.
  • Ecumenical Relationships develop individually between Christians it is natural to speak about our faith.  You will find that as you begin to articulate your beliefs and to discover the differences between our different traditions, you will better understand your own belief system.
  • Seminars -You are welcome to attend the Family Life Task Force seminars for clergy, lay leaders and for laity.  Their goal is the strengthening families.

Financial Opportunities:

The work of United Churches is accomplished primarily by volunteers.  However, to coordinate all that we do, we have a dedicated paid staff and an annual budget of over $165,000.  The funds are received from churches, individuals, grants, and other sources in the following proportion:

You can provide support by:
  • Praying for our ministry, each others volunteers, staff, and churches.
  • Sharing in the work of the ministry as a volunteer.
  • Supporting the events and programs with your
  • presence, your prayers and your encouragement to others to join us.
  • Providing financial resources to keep the ministries going that we have chosen to do together.
  • Encouraging your church to make ecumenison a priority within the life of their congregation.