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Faith-Based Initiative Committee of the Heroin Task Force

     The Lycoming County Heroin Task Force's Faith-Based Initiative Committee mission is working to facilitate healing of spirit through the power of God's love.     The opioid epidemic has affected the lives of people throughout the nation and Lycoming County is not exempt. In an effort to positively influence young minds to steer clear of harmful drugs a Sunday school program has been developed called Prevention Through Faith Intervention. It is part of Project Bald Eagle's faith component. Ten lessons cover the topics of acceptance, affirmation, appreciation, care, courage, creativity, hope, relief, safety and success.  All of the lessons give kids reasons ... to not get involved with drugs and alcohol. It gives them the strength to say, “I don't need that, I'm already OK on my own.”     The program is not an effort to replace drug abuse education, but rather to back it up by teaching youth about self esteem, relaxation and natural highs. Each lesson takes scripture from the Hebrew Scriptures and New Testaments that relate to one another. Teachers will have questions to ask students about the objective of the stories and how it can relate to drugs.     The curriculum is available online at no cost at