We all want to be part of the solution the land fills and our earth is facing and become Plastic Foam Free….but aren’t quite sure what product to try in a world where things are new and untried.  How will it all work? You are in luck! United Churches is now able to partner with interested congregations and small businesses to provide some replacement cups and clam-shell-to-go-containers at no cost to you, to help you discover what will work best for you.

Thanks to an UMCOR (United Methodist Committee On Relief) Grant United Churches will purchase these materials soon. To apply to be part of this free program please fill out the short application.  Click here for application

God calls us to be responsible stewards of God’s creation. One of the most polluting substances we have in our communities is plastic foam, better known by the brand name Styrofoam®. Plastic foam takes anywhere from decades to millennia to decompose, and it releases toxic chemicals as it breaks down. Unfortunately, plastic foam is very common – in our trash, landfills, streets, and even our beloved rivers and streams. Such pollution sickens our natural world and breaks God’s heart. Thank you for caring!

YOU can also make a difference individually during the Lenten Season with the help of the calendar below

Try it for a day – a week – all of Lent – a lifetime
2/26 – Bring your own shopping bag to all stores
2/27 – Stop buying bottled water
2/28 – Say no to plastic straws
2/29 – Bring your own thermos/cup for coffee/tea
3/1 – Our First Commandment – Keep and tend the garden – Genesis 2:15
3/2 – Rethink your food storage
3/3 – Shop in bulk and refillables– bring your containers
3/4 – Carry metal utensils in the car
3/5 – Refuse plastic bags at the pharmacy or anywhere
3/6 – Shop at the Local Farmer’s Market – bring your bags
3/7 – Buy bakery items packaged in paper or cardboard
3/8 – How can you buy something (air and water) you do not own – Chief Seattle
3/9 – Use powdered dish detergent
3/10 – Switch to bar soap instead of liquid soap
3/11 – Give up shampoo in plastic bottles
3/12 – Buy toilet paper not wrapped in plastic
3/13 – Take your lunch in reusable containers with utensils
3/14 – Refuse plastic foam (Styrofoam®) take-out containers
3/15 – Do not follow the majority – Exodus 23:2
3/16 – Wrap your garbage in newspaper
3/17 – Carry your own take-out container
3/18 – Pick up that bottle, plastic bag or paper and recycle it
3/19 – Cover leftovers with a plate
3/20 – Use jars/dishes for leftovers
3/21 – Recycle junk mail, envelopes, newspaper, cardboard
3/22 – The time of judgment has come beginning with God’s household – 1 Peter 4:17
3/23 – Use a handkerchief instead of a paper tissue
3/24 – Use cloth napkins
3/25 – Use paper tape instead of plastic tape
3/26 – Carry your own refillable water container
3/27 – Drink water as your beverage of choice
3/28 – Ask your friends, group acquaintances to do the same
3/29 – A time comes when silence is betrayal – Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
3/30 – Use compostable materials for your pet’s pooh
3/31 – Use loose tea and loose coffee
4/1 – Avoid balloon, lantern and glitter release
4/2 – Make a covenant to buy less and use longer what you already have
4/3 – Use what is leftover-don’t waste it
4/4 – Find one thing you can do, do it and find another
4/5 – Act justly, love kindness, walk humbly (for the environment) – Micah 6:8
4/6 – Pray, visualize, hope, meditate, dream
4/7 – Share ‘plastic-free’ with friends
4/8 – Discuss ‘plastic-free’ at all meetings
4/9 – Build a plastic ‘monster’ for your foyer/entry
4/10 – Tell others how easy it is to lessen your plastic use
4/11 – Replace your plastic foam with paper products
4/12 – Alleluia: Becoming plastic free begins with me.
– From United Churches Christian Social Concerns Committee