There were three CROP Walks in Lycoming County this October to raise funds for people who are hungry.  75% of the funds are distributed through the country and the world to make a difference in the lives of people like Lucia Martins and her family who live in rural Timor-Leste and are farmers like most of their neighbors. When the dry season began in May, just like dozens of dry seasons before, the family has had a hard time making ends meet.

During the dry season, families don’t plant seeds or seedlings because there is no water to nurture them to harvest. Food shortages between May and December affect everyone. The ones who are at the highest risk of nutritional losses and sickness are young children.

CWS staff are teaming up with mothers and government health workers to change this. One way is to help farmers like Lucia learn to plant wisely when the rainy season begins each mid-December. Lucia participated in hands-on training helps practice making raised garden beds, natural fertilizer and compost. “We learned that if we plant close to our house, and use drip watering and homemade treatments, we can continue planting through dry season. This means we can eat more and better food year-round, which will be very good for my children.”

With this new information, Lucia and her family will be more food secure in the future, but there are still so many more communities and families in Timor-Leste that need this training Your CROP Hunger Walk will help make that happen. So, thank you for all your work to help make this a possibility!

25% of your CROP Walk funds is sent back to Lycoming County and distributed equally to area programs to help the hungry. This year the are being split between the Son Light House Food Pantry, Muncy, the New Love Center, Jersey Shore, the American Rescue Workers, Williamsport, and the United Churches Food Pantry, Williamsport.